Cooking for “Rick and Bubba”

We have been invited to cook for Rick and Bubba (nationally syndicated radio personalities from Birmingham, Alabama) this Friday, the 20th of January.  We are making Stuffed Venison Loin, a Wild Duck platter, Indonesian Venison with Peanut Sauce, Venison Bourguignon, Quail Lettuce Wraps, Parmesan Venison, Tzatziki with Venison, Homemade Biscuits with Fried Venison and to end this feast, Graylyn made Creme Brulee’ all from the cookbook.  We have to be there at 6:00 a.m.  It will be a LONG day! 

I hope to post pictures a few days after we get back along with a few recipes and videos.  We will also be posting a few articles on the difference of organic and heirloom gardens and how to plant them along with managing wildlife for next year’s deer population.  One of my sons will be writing on tanning deer hides and the other son will post on making leather possible bags using the hides from the deer you have harvested.  Check back in to see these posts.  If you have anything you want us to write about or a recipe that you would like to see let us know! 

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