Field to Table Column in Living Ready Magazine by Stacy Harris

I have a new column in the Living Ready Magazine called Field to Table. I am looking forward to sharing what I love; the outdoors, all it has to offer and the food it supplies us, and how to prepare sustainable foods!

Living Ready Magazine and website are great sources of information from living sustainable to bug out bags in case of a catastrophe. Living Ready has a huge expo in Atlanta from May 27th to June 3rd. There will be many expert speakers and tons of information at the expo. Every knife known to man will be at this expo. The Blade Show has been around for as long as I can remember and I am so happy that Living Ready is joining the expo.

I will be speaking on Saturday, June 1st. The name of my presentation is The Backyard Pantry. I will be sharing my thoughts on heirloom gardening, saving seeds, and other gardening tips as well as and take you through the ordering of chicks to the caring for adult hens and roosters. Tell everyone you know about the show! I will also be doing a book signing! My book actually releases that week! I hope I get to meet all of you there.

Again, check out the Living Ready Magazine and pre-order your copy of my new book at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles50-FieldTable_spread

50-FieldTable_spread stacy harris
50-FieldTable_spread stacy harris


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