Cake Recipes Roundup – Find Your Favorite!

Why in the world am I focused on cake recipes this week? Why not? January is the traditional time for healthy changes–I’m working on those, too. But I think we also need a little extra comfort and self indulgence this winter. Moderation is the key to enjoying sweet treats while keeping our health and fitness resolutions.

cake recipes roundup for every occasion

I’d been wanting to get my new Cappuccino Cake recipe up for Christmas but ran slap out of time and wasn’t able to get it to you. I believe, and I hope you agree, that it is never too late to try out a new CAKE! You’ll find both new and old recipes below.

Cake is never out of style, never too early, never too late, and never unwelcome. I am hoping you will save this post, so you can pick the very best cake recipes for whatever occasion you find yourself in. For instance, my favorite kind of cake is always chocolate, while my mom isn’t a big fan. She likes more tart cakes, like a Key Lime Cake, or a custardy cake, like my French Apple Cake. 

Which are your favorites? I hope you’ll try out all of these fabulous recipes and let me know how your family likes them.

For more decadent treats for all occasions, check out the rest of my Desserts & Sweets category.

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  1. Odata+Taylor says:

    All of your cakes in today’s post look
    yummy! Can’t wait to try them.

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