A Taste of a New Show

A taste of a New Show

Have you ever felt like there just wasn’t enough time in a day to accomplish all that you wanted to do? Sometimes I wish there was at least five of me. One to be with the kids all the time (they are so fun and enjoyable and I don’t want to miss a minute of life with them), one to be with Scott full time, one to clean the house, one to cook, write cookbooks, and keep the blog going, and one to do the constant paperwork running a home, homeschool, and business require. Whew, I feel tired just typing that.

Well, I am working on a super recipe that you all should try this weekend while you watch football, that is if you watch football. One of my best friends loves football. I can’t seem to stay in the game. My mind is all over the place and watching it is torturous to me. Well, enough of that. I hope to post the recipe this afternoon hopefully before your grocery store trip.

I have been busy preparing for a few other projects this week and haven’t gotten to post like I have wanted to. I am excited to speak this weekend at the Alabama Treasure Forest Association and have been working on a few posts for other blogs (I will let you know when they come out).

One really fun development is the new TV show coming out in January on the Sportsman’s Channel, The Sporting Chef. I will be a part of that show along with other wild game cooking experts. It will be a fast paced cooking show. Here is a link to the promo.

Don’t miss my appearing on Deer and Deer Hunting TV this weekend. I hope to soon have a clip from it to share. Also, next week, I really don’t want you to miss the Destination Whitetail episode on Wednesday night where i will be cooking all things sustainable! See you there.


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