A Fun Day with the Family

After a long week of preparing for the wedding party, playing and reading with little ones, preparing recipes for upcoming DVDs, writing articles that are due NOW, and doing the daily activities of normal life, our family was in great need of recreation.  I actually would have loved to nap (which I cannot ever remember doing… maybe right after a baby), but my family needed some fun.

After church we sat on the porch “voting” about what we are going to do to have fun the rest of the day.  Does it take your family 2 hours that like it does mine?  Well anyway,  all but unanimous decisions consisted of playing badminton and jumping on the trampoline.

I thought this would last an hour, but we played well into the evening and I cannot remember when I have had so much fun!!  I am so thankful for a family… and that I still can do I can still a flip on the trampoline.

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