Turkeys, Man’s Best Friend

Turkeys, Man’s Best Friend!

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Turkeys are incredibly friendly. We have two turkeys that follow us around as if they were dogs. They travel from window to window just to peer inside and be a little closer to us. As I am writing, one turkey is sitting on the top of a rocking chair peering in the window and the other is dosing off to sleep. They garden with us, walk with us, and relax on the porch with us.


Turkeys, like chickens, have different personalities and many of them love affection and to be petted. They will even fight for this attention at times. Many of them are quite playful and curious. We recently purchased a new bird bath and it seems that they spent they entire day purring and clucking around it the entire day as well as perching atop the bath. Obviously, we did not have any small birds visit our bird bath that day.


They are also great watch dogs. When FedEx drives up my driveway that they begin to “warn” me by yelping quite loudly, just as a dog. They are very territorial and always escort our visitors to the door as they arrive. I am hoping that they will not one day decide to attack them!

I have noticed that if I am not with the small children, the turkeys show dominance by puffing up and almost charging towards them. If the children are brave enough to run toward them, they will back off, but if not they can be very dangerous. Eventually these fine animals will become agressive and it will be time to find a new best friend.

The hunters in the family have a great respect for these and other wildlife and therefore, take responsibility concerning every area of nature and the outdoors. They have learned much about turkey behavior and have enjoyed practicing just about all these ears can take of the clucking, purring, cackling, cutting, and yelping skills aquired from observing these magnificent animals. In my opinion, everyone needs a turkey!

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