To Soak or Not to Soak

“Take your time” has never really been a phrase that my mind has really grasped very well.  I pretty much attempt to do all things full speed ahead and attempt to find a way to use the least amount of time and energy to reach a desired purpose.  Reluctantly, I must confess that I thought soaking beans, peas, and the likes was a huge waste of time and for years I just rinsed my beans before cooking them.

My flippant, rushed attitude about the soaking procedure was a huge mistake.  I am learning that patience is always rewarded and that there is a reason for the “madness” of waiting.  Without soaking your beans and peas, digestive ills such as gas, hearburn, and reflux are a likely result.  Upon soaking legumes in cold water, phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are released producing a scum that rises to the top of the water. Once the scum is removed, you are much less vulnerable to bloating and digestive issues.  Go now and enjoy your favorite 15 bean soup or a huge bowl of healthy black-eyed peas and homemade jalapeno cornbread!

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