Keynote Speaker First Baptist Church – Mother/Daughter Banquet

Stacy Lyn Harris will be the keynote speaker at the Mother Daughter Banquet on May 3rd at First Baptist Church Montgomery.

This historical church, First Baptist, graces the beautiful Montgomery Alabama!
This historical church, First Baptist, graces the beautiful Montgomery Alabama!

In the light of her recent’s family’s loss, she will reflect on “Perspective: Spend Your Time Where it Most Matters.” Know your purpose and LIVE IT!!

Here’s an introduction from Stacy that will be on the program:

I’m so glad to meet you!!

I’m Stacy Harris, wife to Scott Harris and mother to seven (3 boys and 4 girls), ever enjoying my life of juggling laundry, meals, and cleaning up “messes.” 

Thankfully and by the grace of God, I have known Jesus for 40 years. It’s so great to know I am completely known and completely loved by Him, and I have made it my ambition to know and do His will to the best of my ability and trust the results to him. 

During law school, I married Scott. A year and one month later, I had my first baby, graduated from law school and moved to Birmingham for Scott to attend dental school. During those years, God taught me to be quiet, listen, obey and trust…what an adventure it has been. 

I continued to have babies, and then more babies. I lose things and did I mention I do laundry? I homeschool the kids and often feel overwhelmed, but it’s a doable overwhelmed. My “to-do” list is never never-ending. I love life with my kids and am confident that being a wife and mom is the most important task on earth. I’m the overseer of seven souls. What is more important than that?

I’m the author of Happy Healthy Family Tracking the Outdoors In, Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living, and am completing my third book, Harvest. I write on my blogs, and, weekly sharing my life…what I’m cooking, gardening, creating, or just thinking. I regularly appear on The Sporting Chef TV Show on The Sportsman’s Channel and write for various national magazines. 

My heart is to love God, love my husband, teach my kids to live and see the extraordinary in ordinary life, and to KNOW  and share Jesus! 

Many Blessings,


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