The Sporting Chef: Scott Leysath Passes the Hosting Torch to Stacy Lyn Harris

Where do I begin? It seems an impossible task to share just how I feel about Scott Leysath – the Original host of outdoor shows. You know when you feel like you’ve known someone your entire life and you’re trying to give a synopsis of all that time and experience? Well, that’s how I feel right now, but here goes.

Stacy Lyn Harris with The Sporting Chef producer Scott Leysath

I met Scott while we were both cookbook authors — writing wild game and sustainable living cookbooks — for the same publishing company. Hunters may know Scott as a TV host for his “Dead Meat” series, where he shows how to make delicious dishes from the less commonly used parts of an animal and from even the ugliest creatures. If it has fur, feathers, or fins, Scott can cook it. He is a hunter, angler, and veteran outdoor host who brings his enthusiasm and unique expertise to outdoor television. 

Anyway, a mutual friend and outdoor writer, Alan Clemons, knew Chef Leysath and I both had a passion for home grown cooking as well as hunting and fishing. He introduced us, and the rest is history. Scott so kindly asked this “green” girl (now lady…I’m no spring chicken anymore) to be on his TV show, The Sporting Chef, on the Sportsman Channel. I was ecstatic to join say the least. I can honestly say, I have never lost that excitement for being on the show.

The Sporting Chef: Wild, Organic, and Always Delicious!

The Sporting Chef has always been and will continue to be a fast-paced, everything wild, foraged, organic, and DELICIOUS kind of show. The prerequisite for a recipe to “make it” on the show: it must be delicious. You’ll really be missing out if you miss an episode. I guarantee that. 

Although I am taking over as host, Chef Leysath is still very much present in the background of the show, producing. Thank the good Lord! I mean that. 

front view of Stacy Lyn behind kitchen counter, Scott and film crew in background

Scott always has a way of adding a tip or piece of advice that changes the result of the dish, whether it be a quick sauce to add or a plating technique. I remember him quizzing me, then teaching me about what makes aioli a true aioli. I remember him making sure I let people know to be extra careful handling rabbits to avoid catching tularemia, or “rabbit fever.” 

Just recently on the upcoming shows, Scott showed me a meat packing technique when we were making the burgers that forever changed the way I will make burgers! He is just that amazing. In cooking, it’s all the little tips and tricks that makes the difference.  

Stacy Lyn and Scott Leysath making hamburgers outdoors

Scott Leysath, Our Brother from Another Mother

Scott and I have a kinship that extends to my whole family. He’s been coming to the house every year for 9 years to film each season’s episodes. My kids know him like an uncle. My husband — also named Scott — knows him like a brother. Over the years, Scott has seen our family at our best, our worst, and everything in between. 

Sporting Chef filming recipe prep in Stacy Lyn's kitchen

On his podcast, Off the Record, we chatted a little about the time I got the dates crossed in the calendar and he “showed up a day early!” One of the kids came in the house saying, “Scott Leysath is here,” just as nonchalantly as ever as I was walking barefoot in sweats with a towel around my head of dripping hair, face with no make-up, and a load of clothes in my arms headed for the laundry room. I was like, “Oh, really,” in disbelief. 

Sure enough, I looked out the window, and Scott, Corey, and Jim were unloading all the equipment for filming. Well, hmmm. I ran outside in my alarmed state and said, “I’ll be ready when you are finished setting up.” That season’s episodes, my hair was tightly up on my head, curly, in every episode! So funny. 

Sporting Chef filming outdoors in Stacy Lyn's yard with Scott Leysath

Since we hunt and fish, our freezer was stocked. Since we garden, we had plenty of sides. We finished all 12 segments! It was empowering to know we could bring something from nothing at a moment’s notice. 

Scott has become a trusted, life-long friend. When he asked me if I would be interested in taking the reins to host The Sporting Chef, giving him time to produce more shows (which is doing at super-hero speed), I was floored and speechless for a few seconds. Then “YES! I love this show, YES,” was all I could say. 

Even more, the show landed on The Taste of the Wild block on the Outdoor Channel, alongside Andrew Zimmern, Steven Rinella, Mike Robinson, Mario KauPou, and Nick Hoffman.

zoom out with Sporting Chef crew in foreground, filming Stacy Lyn on porch

I have always believed whoever watches The Sporting Chef will absolutely become a pro at cooking wild game and creating meals worth eating. If you can cook tough meats, you can cook anything. After a few seasons of this show, YOU will most definitely know how to cook — to really cook. 

More than anything, I hope you will watch this season. It’s packed full of fun, excitement, and deliciousness!!!  

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  1. Well done, Miss Stacy!
    My bet is that you are going to make a great host.

    1. Thanks Doug!! I sure hope so! Hope you’ll be watching the show.

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