Recipes with Pecan – a Fall Roundup

In the South, we celebrate pecans year round. However, it’s a happy coincidence that pecan harvesting season overlaps with the holiday season. The holidays are the perfect time for these delicious recipes with pecan.

six ways to use pecans

This time of year, I think Classic Carrot Cake with pecan-garnished cream cheese frosting and, of course, Southern Pecan Pie.

I find myself itching for cool weather as soon as I see the pecans ready for harvest. Driving down long country roads, I see the pecan orchards dotting the front of barns and lonely homes with big screened-in front porches. Then I know that fall is here.

And then I can’t help but want to get home as quickly as possible to make my family’s favorite recipes with pecan — like warm Bourbon Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie

You can't tell me your mouth is not watering for this bit of Simple Southern Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie.
You can’t tell me your mouth is not watering for this bite of Southern Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie.

I start dreaming of the holidays and preparing new dishes with pecans that I can showcase during Thanksgiving. Candied Pecans top my salads, ice cream, and even pumpkin soup. In fact, I add pecans to just about everything I can think of. 

However, desserts aren’t the only way to celebrate pecans. One of my favorite recipes to preserve the taste of fall is Arugula Pesto. I use it to top my soups and roasted herb chicken and, of course, mix it into pasta. 

You can find these and other favorite recipes with pecan below. Be sure to pin them for the holidays!

Stacy Lyn's Favorite Recipes with Pecan

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