Is It Just Me?

I have been running around like crazy writing recipes, cooking them, re-writing them, taking photos, etc. As a result, I am beginning to get a little absent minded. Well, maybe more than a little My scatteredness reached a whole new level yesterday.

Is it just me? Before you answer, here’s the story.

Yesterday was the last day to get a tag for our new truck.  I started out early, reluctantly leaving the house at 7:45 am.  I was eager to get this tag business out of the way and get on with the rest of my to-do list. Generally speaking, I dread going to the Probate Office because one transaction usually takes at least 3 visits.  

On the bright side, one of my daughters came with me. We had some great mother-daughter quality time–and LOTS of it at that.  

At the office I got my number, sat down, and tried to get all my paperwork together, including proof of my liability insurance. That’s when I discovered that somewhere between my truck and my seat in the Probate Office, I had lost my driver’s license.

They called my number, only to tell me that I had the wrong paperwork and could not get a tag.  I trudged back home frazzled and defeated….

Meanwhile, I called Scott.  He had the right paperwork in his car. I called Probate and asked what I needed to get a new license.  My social security card AND my birth certificate.  

I tore the house apart trying to find these vital pieces of paper.  Unfortunately, I found everyone else’s certificate but mine.  

Then I called back to the Probate Office and told them I have a pistol license.  The lady said she could issue me a license with that.  Phew!

Mary and I picked up the right paperwork, tracked back to Probate, sped past a police car (thankfully did not get a ticket, just a minor heart attack), got a number to get my license, get a temporary license, waited in line again, and finally got the tag.

FOUND MY LICENSE IN MY DAY PLANNER.  Does this just happen to me, or can any of you relate?

Well, it turned out well and I was able to spend the rest of the day with the kids, which was awesome. I also finished writing the egg portion of my new book!

All’s well that ends well, right?!

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