Busy, Busy!

Sorry for not posting much lately!  I am working hard on my next book, Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living, which is due in the next 5 weeks.  It is taking up quite a bit of time along with my regular activities of teaching and training wonderful, fun, loud!, children.  I couldn’t ask for me.  My life is very full and I never know what each day is going to bring.

I will be finishing up the vegetables, which are awesome I may add, this week.  They all have a Southern touch in that I have blessed to have lived in LA (lower Alabama) my entire life.  They are packed full of vitamins and TASTY at that!  I have just about finished the venison, and canning sections and will start on the quail , roosters, eggs, and wild turkey this weekend.

I made a honey pie that will knock your socks off. It was unanimous that it was a top 5 favorite of all pies with my family.  If you have any suggestions for the book, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me by email and let me know!

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