Beekeeping for Beginners

Beekeeping for Beginners

I wanted to post this fun short video of the steps to putting bees into your hive. It is really very simple. Bees are easy to keep and yet hard to keep. They do not take much of your time during their honey making months, but with the pesticides and pests that love to “attack” hives, there is concern daily as to your bees surviving.

Our bees are doing great and I have a neighbor who’s bees are meaner than ever and I think that her hive is VERY strong. We have been able to keep healthy hives this year!

My advice is to jump right in there if you are thinking of keeping bees. Don’t think you are going to know everything all at once. You will learn as you go just like anything else. Beekeeping is not as hard as it seems and the joy, fulfillment and fun far outweighs any hardships. You will be rewarded greatly for your love of the hive by the sweet healthful honey!

Scraping Parts to the Beehive
Scraping Parts to the Beehive

Just a little side note: she was told by someone that placing salt water outside of her hive would keep wax moths away. I thought this very interesting. I started talking to one of my main beekeepers, my 16 year old, about it and he said that once he spilled some salt with one of his projects (tanning hides) and that the bees LOVED it. We are going to try this method and see how it works.

For more on what to do if your hive is attacked by wax moths, check out this post.

I hope that you enjoy the video! Let me know what you think. I hope it encourages you to get started with beekeeping. I am going to post another blog more in depth with links for equipment and let you know all you need to get started.

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  1. My (ex) husband and I kept bees about 25 years ago and I loved it. My present husband isn’t too keen on the idea, but he loves the honey so I’m going to start a hive or two, hopefully this spring. A friend of ours used to keep bees on our place and gave us a super of honey every year, and we’re almost out. We use it mixed with raw vinegar as a tonic and it works great.

    1. Keeping bees is really fun Diana! So glad that you have experienced it. They honey is amazing and has so many uses!

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