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Clambake Time! Having a clambake is about the whole experience, from cooking to eating. Originally a New England tradition, this seafood dish has made it down South all the way to our home in Alabama.

We have a very large family, so we do our clambakes in our big barn. It houses a few lined-up picnic tables covered with newspaper to pour out the brilliantly flavored clams (and this year, added crawfish) with corn, sausage, potatoes, and onions.

best clambake ever - Stacy Lyn's meal made easy

With a clambake, there’s no need for a ton of sides. The protein and vegetables are all in one pot. The only thing you really need is nice crusty bread with a great garlic butter to slather it with. Of course, you’ll need something to drink — I prefer iced peach tea.

And of course, the dessert! That is a hard choice to make. Personally, I feel like key lime pie is a great complement to a clambake. It is super easy to make and refreshing for a hot spring day. But key lime cake would be fabulous, too. I’m including both recipes here.

I hope you’ll give this Meal Made Easy a try. I know it will be a winner experience. A clambake lends itself to the most amazing memories with family and friends!

Here are all the recipes for a complete clambake meal.

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  1. Vincent de Lhery says:

    Excellent clam bake recipe, I added a little more olive oil, and less butter. Plus I added a tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning, because I live in the North East and if you do not use Old Bay, well you get “The Look”.

    1. I love Old Bay too!! Glad you got it in there!! We don’t need any of “The Look” in our lives!! So funny!

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