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Ever since starting Game and Garden, the brand has grown in more ways than I ever could imagine. It started as a simple way to connect with chefs and gardeners, fishermen and fisherwomen, here in the South while telling my story. But now my “fanbase” (still feels weird to say that) has grown to include people from all walks of life, all over the world. So I started asking myself, “What connects us all?

It’s a love for healthy eating, fostering special moments with family, and respecting the home as our primary domain. For me, home is my highest priority. Home is where dreams take place, where creativity is sparked, where food is grown, prepared, and shared. Home is that little slice of heaven you create for yourself to renew and refresh your spirit. It’s a launching pad for serving the community and sharing your bounty with those around you. It’s a place where you can invite someone in to share in your slice of heaven, yes, but maybe a slice of blueberry pie as well.
 Put simply, what brings us all together is a love for home, a love for living. And we do lots of living.

Stacy Lyn Harris homeschooling her children
One thing I want to do on the new site is share more stories about raising my children. These kids make me so proud, and raising them has been the journey of a lifetime. They’ve helped me realize how precious life is. I do it all for them!

Stacy Lyn’s Story

This love for home and family is exactly what drives me to share my experiences with you all as well. For those who don’t know me, I didn’t exactly choose this life, as delicious and wondrous as it is. I actually set out to become a lawyer years before I started this journey at Game and Garden. And just as my law career was getting off the ground, it all came to a head. I married a great man, my husband Scott, and we had a baby. I was faced with a choice: continue along my career path and sacrifice time with my baby, or give it all up. It was a real risk, leaving the courtroom behind and putting all my energy into starting a family. My parents were career-minded, and I had never considered living the simple life and being self-sufficient up until that point. But that’s what I decided to do. We learned to be self-sufficient as we went along, on our little quarter-acre plot of land. We didn’t have much, but we had the land and the beginnings of a nice little family.

Seven children and so many acres later, we are thriving. Throughout the years, I’ve scoured every book, tip sheet, manual, and almanac I could find. I toasted, roasted, drained, boiled, burned, baked, and braised every scrap of fresh caught game Scott could hunt. I raised my seven children, teaching all of them how to garden, chop wood, keep bees, tend house. Build forts. Make dreams. Have faith.

I shared my successes, and built a community of self-sufficient, sustainable living enthusiasts just like me. I pushed myself to invent new ways to master the old ways. I became an expert at learning from mistakes. And I kept notes.

Over time, as I’ve shared these notes with you on Game and Garden, I came to feel like something was missing. Then you guys, my loyal readers, came in to fill in those blanks. As this whole operation of mine has grown, I’ve come to value these connections I’ve made, and now I want to give back.

When a few unexpected guests show up for dinner, you don’t just show them the door. You add an extra table and a few more plates. You whip up a few more helpings of some comfort food. You welcome them like the friends they are.

I want my website to be a gathering place for all the friends I’ve made. A place where people come not only to find tips and advice on how to live wonderfully, but also where they feel free to share their own stories and tips, the things they’ve learned along the way. Along with a new look, this website will now be divided into three paths: Lots of Living, Dash of Goodness, and Game and Garden. See? We’ve still got Game and Garden, but we’re just adding a few more seats at the table!

I’m beyond excited to share this news with y’all. You guys have been with me since the early days of Game and Garden. You’ve seen my kids grow up, you’ve seen every nook and cranny of my home and garden flourish with new life. You’ve even seen me become a best-selling author. Now you’ll be with me as I tackle my next big project: my website!

New Site, New Content, Same Stacy Lyn!

The new site will be more beautiful than ever. In addition to this new design and a revamped video style, you’ll see an expanded site with more sections than ever before, to encompass all aspects of my busy life:

Lots of Living will focus on celebrating all the joy and glory we find in life. It will be a more personal glimpse into my life, as well as useful information I think you will be able to use for your family. It’s about cold iced teas on the porch with the kids or spending hours decorating each room of the house. It’s about making and finding beauty in the small moments. And it’s about all the lessons we learn in between these moments.

Dash of Goodness is all about one of my favorite things to do: cooking! Here, you’ll find recipes for everything from barbecue ribs to almond clafoutis. By collecting all of my everyday recipes in one place, navigating my notes on baking, roasting, and stewing will be easier than ever!

Finally, we come back to the theme that started it all: Game and Garden. Game and Garden is more than just wild game and gardening–it’s about sustenance and how we harvest that sustenance. It’s about getting back in touch with our roots and living simply, the way God intended. It’s about knowing what you’re eating and having control over it. At the end of the day, it’s about sustainable living, living on your own terms.

Stacy Lyn Harris garden and gun game and garden
For those of you who connect with me through our shared love for wild game, this one’s for you!

At the end of the day, I want 
your life to be as wonderful as mine. So keep coming back and keep sharing the news with your friends. We’ve all got lots of living to do!

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  1. Love the intro into your new endeavors to share your world with outdoor enthusiasts. It was such a great connection with you, your family, and what you personally believe to be the right path in all things God given. Good luck! I will definitely continue to check in.

    1. Thank you so much Pam. I will still be just as active in my wild game, gardening, and living off the land way of life. I’m just adding a few more things to the table! I”m looking very forward to it!!

  2. Stacy Lyn, this is gonna be grand, cannot wait to read along. Love the photo.. have a awesome day.

    1. Thanks so much Connie. I am so happy that you are here. We are going to have a ton of fun! Thanks for the comment.

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