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Father’s Day Canoe Trip

Father’s Day to all you great and necessary fathers out there!  I wanted this year’s Father’s Day to be memorable and special for Scott so we went on a canoe trip starting from a point on our property and ending on the Coosa River System (Lake Jordon).


I was ready for a quiet, relaxing trip, but it seems that the water was quite low and I was in for a REAL workout and beat up legs to boot!  I am not sure what kind of shoes one is to use on a trip like this, but the ones that I had on were not those

shoes.  I was slipping and sliding over every rock that my feet came in contact with.


The kids were having a blast!  Quite honestly, I was too.  After carrying the canoes for about 1 1/2 miles over rocks, the creek finally opened up to a beautiful scene and a much more relaxing ride.



We broke out the snacks and slowly (some of us anyway; my kids love to compete and were in a silent race to the end) made our way to the boat ramp where I was going to get in the truck with my oldest son and bring back the  other truck and trailer from where we began.  Scott had asked me about 1/2 mile into the trip if I had put my keys in the dry bag.  I said that I thought so, knowing that I really had no idea.  I realized upon our arrival at the boat ramp that I had left the keys in my purse which was in the truck at our land.  At least I remembered to put the keys in my purse.  The kids did not mind and had a great time swimming while waiting on my mom to come pick me

up to take me back to the truck.  Well, if that was the only glitch in the day, I need to be quite thankful.

This was a GREAT day and my familyis smiling.  Who could ask for more?

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