Working Hard and Playing Hard in my Western Chief Boots!

This post is sponsored by Western Chief, a family footwear retailer. You can visit their website here. I partnered with Western Chief because their products are rugged, functional, and stylish—which is just my style! I would like to say thank you to Western Chief for partnering with me!

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I must admit to having an affinity for diamonds, but I think I just found me a new best friend.

I’m not talking about anything too expensive or flashy. But if you know me, then you know I like all the beautiful things. And I don’t just mean beautiful stuff, because stuff just eventually turns to junk. But if it’s beautiful and nice, with a good bit of functionality, something that can be a useful tool for me while still carrying some personality, then I usually end up falling in love.

That’s exactly what happened when I went to check the mail and saw this shipment of lovely Western Chief footwear. I think my whole family fell in love too!

stacy lyn harris modeling western chief boots and clogs

I can’t say this enough, but Western Chief boots and shoes are comfortable, beautiful, and functional. I put on my clogs and boots, go out and work for a spell in the garden, and then I’ll wear them on a date with my husband later that night!

They just “fit” me, in so many different ways. And it’s not just me—the kids’ pairs are sitting right next to the door for when they run out to get eggs or herbs for a meal, ride their bikes, or play a quick game of Around the World.

stacy lyn harris modeling western chief boots and clogs

I was delighted this year to be partnering with Western Chief. In the end I found out that I wasn’t alone. Followers of mine know that we are a super duper outdoorsy-type family. We might as well live out in the elements. Scott, being the biggest outdoorsman I think I’ve ever known, saw the package of Western Chief shoes sitting on the dining room table and helped himself to opening the “gift.”

stacy lyn harris modeling western chief boots and clogs

Before I knew it, he had put the men’s pair of Neoprene Ankle Boots on and was heading out the door. I was like, “Hey, Hey!” I couldn’t even get the words out. This is the kind of man that could find mud in the middle of a street in New York City. He’s a mud magnet. I’m not kidding. He saw that I was distressed, so he stopped in his tracks. I said, “No, no, you can’t go outside with those shoes on. We have to take photos of them.”

He stood there for a minute (I think he was trying to figure out how to get away with going outside with those shoes on). Then he said, “These are the most comfortable shoes. Please don’t make me take them off. They will look even better with a little dirt on them.” I just gave him a look, and he took the shoes off.

It’s kind of funny, but all of my older daughters wear my exact shoe size, so we have been sharing the boots. It’s been so much fun!!

The girls’ boots are adorable—everyone needs a pair. One of my favorite items in Western Chief online shop—the men’s Real Tree Xtra Neoprene Mid Boot—will be on the list to get all the men in my family for Christmas this year if I don’t get them for Father’s Day!

Please believe me when I tell you, Western Chief boots are a must-have for anyone whether you live in the city (It rains, doesn’t it? and everyone likes to look good), or out in the middle of nowhere. You will love them.

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