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Have you ever felt like you’re somehow forgetting that one delicious recipe you were going to make and you forgot to bookmark it? With Yummly, you can create your own virtual recipe box online and on your phone!

I’ve been using the site for a little while now, but in order to be considered an “official” chef on Yummly, I’m required to have a blog post about the service.

You may have noticed that all of my recipe posts have a “Yum” button at the top. If you like one of my recipes and want to save it to your Yummly account, all you have to do is click the “Yum” button. Yum!A screenshot of the top of a recipe blog post by Stacy Lyn Harris.

One of the best parts of Yummly is how you can have all of these recipes saved in an app. So if you need to check a recipe, all you have to do is check your phone. It’s an amazing way to save recipes from your favorite food blogs. I hope mine is one of them!

Ready to sign up? Just click the image below, and happy “yumming!”

Kneading dough

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