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Southern Smashed Sweet Potatoes – Holiday Must

I write mostly from the Sustainable Living perspective, but have been thinking a lot about my roots and want to share that part of me and my cooking with you. I am Sustainable (and learning more everyday), but I am every bit as Southern as I am Sustainable. I thought I would start now with this Southern Smashed Sweet Potato recipe to open that part of my food heritage and food love. I probably wouldn’t have such a love for food had I not grown up in the South.

I LOVE sweet potatoes!

I LOVE sweet potatoes!

Sweet potatoes remind me more of Southern cooking than any other vegetable. The South has the perfect temperature for growing these beauties and I cannot remember a holiday that sweet potatoes were not served in a variety of ways. One of the Southerner’s favorite preparations is to boil and whip the potatoes with some butter and a little sugar and then to mound small marshmallows on top and roast them.

It is amazing what you get when you put ingredients together.

It is amazing what you get when you put ingredients together.

For me, I like simple elegant Southern foods that I call honest or real. I like to eat them with a little seasoning, but I really want to taste the vegetables and the meats that I prepare. I don’t want anything to overpower the true flavors from the simple beautiful victuals, especially that of the sweet potato.

Last spring Bonnie Plants supplied us with a ton of sweet potatoes to plant. They have grown like weeds and we are reaping a plentiful harvest. I have so many plans for these sweet potatoes!

Scott and Stacy digging up sweet potatoes

Scott and Stacy digging up sweet potatoes

We have already made Healthier Crunchier Sweet Potato “Baked” Fries, Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon (yummy), Sweet Potato Bread and Sweet Potato Bread Pudding and for the holidays I will be making my Southern Smashed Sweet Potatoes.

I love entertaining with a simple Southern Pan Fried or Quail over Sweet Potato Recipe!

Sweet potatoes are naturally healthy and I never feel guilty when eating my Sweet Potato Cheesecake. Did I tell you cheesecake is my favorite food group! Everything cheesecake. Well, to get back on point, sweet potatoes contain three times more fiber than white potatoes, vitamin B6, A, C, Beta-Carotene and Manganese! These nutrients contribute to a glowing complexion and vibrant healthy hair. I am going to eat these daily, for I am in great need of all I can get of that!

Just a side note, if you have trouble sleeping, heart palpitations, migraine headaches, and are sore on the lower part of your skull you may be low in manganese. Besides sweet potatoes, fish and green leafy vegetables are full of manganese.

If you like this recipe, you will like my other recipes in Stacy Lyn’s Harvest Cookbook!

This recipe is fantastic for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Southern Smashed Sweet Potatoes: the most awesome side dish! It compliments heavy meats as well as light.

Southern Smashed Sweet Potatoes: the most awesome side dish! It compliments heavy meats as well as light.

Southern Smashed Sweet Potatoes


  • 3 pounds sweet potatoes peeled and cut into chunks
  • 4 tablespoons 1/2 stick butter
  • ½ cup packed brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon nutmeg
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place potatoes in large pot and add water to just cover them.  Set heat to high and boil potatoes until tender, and then drain.
  2. Place potatoes back into the pot and fold in butter and sugar until dissolved.  Blend in spices with a hand mixer until well incorporated and potatoes are smooth.  Serve hot with extra butter!

5 responses to “Southern Smashed Sweet Potatoes – Holiday Must”

  1. Brenda says:

    For a more robust dish, baking the potatoes is a much better option. You don’t pour any of the flavor down the drain with the water.

  2. Scotty G says:

    Great article! My brother turned us on to cutting the raw sweet potatoes into 3/4″ to 1″ cubes and then steaming them in a regular steamer basket on the cooktop, or, in a steam oven. It’s such an easy and painless way to prepare them. And, leftovers are a cinch with the little cubes. Just mash / smash them or eat them as cubes!

    • Stacy Harris says:

      I love that! Sweet potatoes are so very versatile. I will be frying them tomorrow for a TV show and it couldn’t be easier. They are going to serve as a bed for venison steaks!! I will post the recipe asap!

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