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Heirloom Hickory Gumbo Paddle


The hickory wood for this Gumbo Paddle is hand-picked and hand-hewn by our artisans. Hickory is known for its toughness, strength, and stiffness and is used for tools, wheels, walking sticks and now my Gumbo Paddle. This kitchen tool will become an heirloom as you stir soups, gumbo, or make fresh scrambled eggs through the years in tender care for your family. From my home to yours….


The Hickory Gumbo Paddle is approximately 16 inches.



This item is SOLD. Take a look at this Gumbo Paddle.


Place your order now for your own made-to-order Heirloom Hickory Gumbo Paddle. Each item will vary and be perfectly unique for you.


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