Preserving the Bounty Giveaway!!

Many of us in the sustainable living and slow food blogging communities know how very important, healthy, and great tasting preserved foods are. In fact we are so passionate about eating fresh food all year long that we want to help others learn to preserve food too.

A group of us got together to bring you a mega prize package of food preservation essentials. And to make the prize even sweeter many of the bloggers also included an extra prize!

Preserving the Bounty Giveaway
Preserving the Bounty Giveaway

The first part of the prize is the new Stainless Steel Ball Hot Water Canner.


You can use this canner for any of your acidic fruits and vegetable canning needs and it is specially made for glass top stoves too. Of course, you can use it on any other type of range also. For those foods that cannot be hot water bath canned, you can use the second prize.


The Food Saver Vacuum Sealer System, will protect your foods while they are in the freezer. If you need help with the skills there is an abundance of knowledge on all of the blogger’s websites and there are some award winning books on canning included in the prize package. To make the package complete, we added the canning tool kit.


The total value of all the prizes is over $250! So join in while we help you learn to Preserve the Bounty!

Here are the blogs participating and the extra prizes they are donating in this giveaway. Please try to take a moment to visit each one and maybe leave a comment.

Simply Living Simply – Tattler Reusable Canning Lids
Timber Creek FarmBall Complete Book of Home Preserving
Survival at Home
Lil’ Suburban HomesteadBall Collapsible Funnel
Spring Mountain Living
Common Sense Homesteading-  Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin (book)
Peaceful Acres Farm
Pasture Deficit Disorder
Homestead Chronicles
Homespun Seasonal Living – one box of Pomona’s Pectin
Trayer WildernessHand forged Lantern Hook
Melissa K.Norris – Pioneering Today by Melissa K. Norris
Whole New Mom – Soap Nuts, mesh bag and clip set
Game and Garden
Amazing Graze FarmBall Blue Book of Canning
Frontier Blessings

This contest is open from August 18 at 12:01 am eastern time and closes on August 24 at midnight. Anyone over the age of 18 and a legal resident of the continental 48 United States and the District of Columbia, may enter. Winner will be notified by email (so use an email that you check!) and the winner will have 24 hours to respond and claim the prizes. If we do not hear from the winner within 24 hours we will choose another winner with the same terms applying.

Please continue on to the rafflecopter widget below and get your entries in! We hope to get to know each and everyone of you as you visit our blogs and facebook pages. Thank you and good luck!

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  1. Patricia Hutson says:

    My email is I couldn’t figure out how to sign up for newsletters because my phone wouldn’t show it all sadly.

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Patricia, if you go to the bottom of the page, it may work. I will look into it.

  2. Gary Fisher says:

    Sorry to see that the giveaway is only for the US,i from Newfoundland ,Canada and alwas visit your site for new recipes or hints. Maybe next time

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Gary, I will be doing another giveaway soon and I will include Canada. There are a good many people hosting this giveaway. Keep looking out for it. I am happy to have you on the site.

  3. like it A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTT 😉 great page

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      So glad you do. Good luck!

  4. S Alexander says:

    I love, love, love, your vids and tips and hints. Used the one for making scrambled eggs and impressed my husband greatly … who is not a big scrambled egg fan. 🙂 but now he is!

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      I am so very glad that it all worked out for you with the eggs!!!! Hurray!! It is always fun to surprise your husband with a great feast or a new idea. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Thank you for having this giveaway and allowing me to “meet” new pages & newsletters. I look forward to every one of them 🙂

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      Awesome! I hope that you like them. Please let me know what you would like me to write about! I love to hear from my readers.

  6. littlefamilyhome says:

    Awesome giveaway. So many great sponsors. Trying to visit them all.

  7. Great giveaway. Thanks for encouraging us to preserve the bounty!

    1. Stacy Harris says:

      So glad you entered!! Keep preserving and live abundantly!! Stacy

  8. I just moved relying solely on my phone. An avid canner and although I love grammars old pressure cooker I would love the new one. I am hoping I got them all , as with all technology it goes wacky sometimes. Some double clicked and when I went bk on widget I couldn’t open up others to dbl ck to make sure. So fingers are crossed. With a disabled hubby this saves us tons of money. So to replace the old with new and have won it would put me over the moon…GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND THANK YOU SPONSORS!

  9. Rick Schlaud says:

    What a great group of sites to sign up with!

  10. great idea I have been canning an freezing for years. I think its a lot of fun an we enjoy our bounty when it gets chilly out an cant have the fresh foods

  11. Beth Richards says:

    Neat contest, neat website!

  12. Shirley Hyll says:

    Wore my old blue canner out and haven’t been able to get another. Like the page and the goodies would make the job of preserving so much easier.

  13. I would love to win! Really need my own canning supplies. Just did 100 lbs of dilly beans and had to use my sisters. Thank u awesome give away!

  14. My husband and I recently retired and are trying our hand at canning. We recently did several batches of pickles and beets, they were pretty good. I would love to win this canning package, so we can really branch out! Thanks for All your ideas, tips and recipes!

  15. Sherry Oleyar says:

    Oh yeah, what a great package!!! An awesome gift too 🙂

  16. littlefamilyhome says:

    Congratulations Paula C.

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