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Holiday Sides Your Family Will Love

Holiday Sides list, recipes by Stacy Lyn Harris

Soups, Starters, and Breads for Holiday Entertaining!

Does this sound familiar? The holidays are fast approaching. You’re hosting the party this year, maybe for the first time, and you’re determined to get every last detail right, down to your kids’ outfits. Everything is going smoothly, and it’s time to brine and cook a perfect turkey. Done. It comes out of the oven looking so amazing, so appetizing, you feel like nothing can stop you. But wait, there’s one last thing. What do you do about the sides??

It’s a story as old as time, or at least as long as Americans have been celebrating Thanksgiving! Sides are kind of an open book. There’s the usual stuffing and dressing, but that can’t be it, right? You want to show your guests love and thanks by giving them options! Show them a holiday spread so colorful and diverse they will think they’re staring at a great work of art, and not your dining room table!

So, I’ve decided to help y’all out. Below, you will find a collection of some of the sides I’ve taken with me to parties, and some I’ve made for my own parties. Each one was a hit, and that’s why I put them in my cookbooks and on my website! There’s really something for everyone here. You will find all kinds of textures, flavors, and even temperatures well-represented. You won’t need to look anywhere else!

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