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Herb Pecan Crusted Trout

I just love this recipe of Herb Pecan Crusted Trout! This recipe is super healthy and those of you on a gluten-free diet will keep this recipe in a very safe place in that it is easy, light, and delicious.



Doctors and nutritionists  around the world recommend that we eat a diet containing at least two servings of fish a week.  Seafood is the favored choice because of its health benefits.  Seafood is an excellent source of protein, is low in calories, low in fat, saturated and cholesterol, high in polyunsaturated fat, a great source of vitamins and minerals.  Seafood is easy to prepare.  Most dishes are easy, quick and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.  There are many medical studies available that associated lower heart disease, diabetes and cancer with a diet that consumes 7 ounces of fish once per week.

There is, however, a difference in farm raised fish as opposed to naturally caught fish.  When fishing from a lake or natural source for fish, the fish eat the plankton and other fishes found in the water.  Whereas, farm raised fish are often feed additives to make them grow faster and diets formulated in granaries that are high in preservatives, glutens and corn products and by products.  (Warning-be sure to purchase your seafood and/or fish from a reputable market place.  Also, when fishing rivers and lakes, that these sources have not been polluted by chemical expelled from various manufacturing companies.)


¾ cups pecans, finely chopped
2 tablespoons rosemary, finely chopped
¼ cup fresh parsley, finely chopped and divided
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
1½ tablespoons Dijon mustard
4 6-ounce trout fillets, skinned
Olive oil, for browning
2 tablespoons butter, plus more for browning
1 lemon, juiced
¼ cup white wine
3 tablespoons capers
2 cups spinach
2 cups arugula

1.     On a plate, combine pecans, rosemary, half the parsley, salt and pepper.
2.     Lightly brush one side of fillet with Dijon mustard and press fillet into the pecan mixture to adhere.  Set aside and proceed with remaining fillets.
3.     Heat about 1 tablespoon each of olive oil and butter over medium-high heat.  When oil is sizzling hot, place fillets pecan-batter side down in pan and cook for about 3 minutes. Do not crowd the pan; you might have to cook in batches. Flip fillets and cook for about 2 more minutes, or until flaky and golden.  Remove fillets to platter and tent with foil. Repeat with remaining fillets.
4.     Once all fillets are cooked, add the butter, lemon juice, and wine to deglaze the pan.  The brown bits from the fish are truly golden nuggets to be cherished! Add capers and bring to a boil.  Turn off heat and stir in rest of parsley.
5.     Prepare plates with spinach and arugula and top each one with a fillet.  Divide wine sauce evenly among the plates and serve immediately. HAPPY COOKING!

5 responses to “Herb Pecan Crusted Trout”

  1. Alison says:

    Love this recipe! I saute some garlic and shallots to add to the sauce and cut out the spinach and arugula. My husband request this recipe all the time now!

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