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  1. Sandra Waggoner says:

    I’m have not done my homework, so I’m not sure where you are located? Are you in the South? I am trying to find some information on planting fall tomatoes, in containers? I just don’t know when to put them outside? I’m sure we are not done with the heat, but if I don’t put them out soon the frost will come before they grow? any suggestions?

    1. Sandra, I love in Central Alabama. We have grown tomatoes outdoors until December during warm years. You could certainly grow tomatoes in containers and bring them inside if the weather drops to 40 degrees or below. You could also make a small greenhouse using plastic plumbing pipes and heavy duty plastic and take them in there when it gets chilly. They do need a lot of light to grow optimally. As the days get shorter they don’t taste as good, but hey…I’d try it!

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