Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner Give-Away

It is about that time!! Pruning is just around the corner and for reading my blog and for your appreciation of fruit trees and keeping your gardens in tip top condition, I want to give away this Felco Hand Pruners. In my opinion, it is THE BEST ON THE MARKET. I love my pair and want you to enjoy a pair.

These are, in my opinion, the best pruners on the market! Good luck everyone!!
This is, in my opinion, the best pruner on the market! Good luck everyone!!

The blades are made of high-quality hardened steel and have a limited lifetime warranty. They cut up to an inch thick limb and are incredibly comfortable to the hand!

To read more about the pruner, check it out here.

There are just two things you must do to enter.

* SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter – you must be subscribed at the time I announce the winner.

* TELL me in the COMMENTS that you want the pruners and the first thing you are going to prune with them. For hunters, you can prune those pesky branches that get in your way! For gardeners, I am sure the list is endless!

I will announce the winner January 26th. AGAIN, THANKS FOR READING MY POSTS AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!

If you want to have another chance of winning the pruners, I am giving a pair away on my Facebook Page. Check it out and get double the chance of winning these awesome pruners.

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  1. Angelia Smith-Johnson says:

    I want the Felco Pruners!!! I need them when I am hunting to cut limbs out of my shooting view. I also need them at home to prune my rose bushes and other bushes.

  2. Ed Fisher Sr says:

    I would really like to win those pruners. I would use them for both hunting and gardening.

  3. Regina Morris says:

    I want the pruners, I will use them in my garden this year to prune a lot of different things.

  4. I will definitely be using these in my favorite areas to hunt, but I have some old apple trees I want to clear around and this will truly help.

  5. James Pitman says:

    My goodness, I have tons of things, first thing would be to get these darn bushes in the back yard, and make my tree a little neater.

  6. Cassie Agan says:

    I need the Felco pruner for my butterfly bushes!

  7. Stephen Parker says:

    I would love some pruners!
    I will prune some branches that scrape the side of my shooting house.

  8. I’d love to have the pruners. I’ve been researching them all summer. Have have Cherokee rose and trumpet creeper that climbs our trees. It seems an endless job of cleaning them out each year. Felco is the brand to have.

  9. I need new pruners! I’m constantly cutting back all the (deer-proof and drought resistant) natives at our house — sage, rosemary, holly, lantana, and plumbago. It’s getting close to cut-back time!

  10. john segraves says:

    Would love to have the pruners . Really need to prune my grape vines and apple trees.

  11. Stacy, what a great giveaway! We would use them here for trimming our shrubbery, trees, and getting rid of our privet! Would love to have them! Thanks again!

    Always Experiencing Him,

  12. So many things need pruning, but I suppose the first tree to be pruned will be my favorite nectarine!

  13. would prune the trees and shrubs around the yard would use them to clear a path from my buddys property to the edge of the lake I would use them when Hunting to clear a view of my shooting area I would use them when I walk to clear the sidewalk of branches hanging over the sidewalk so people can walk on the sidewalk not in the street

  14. I’ve been planning to buy a new set of pruners. I use them to prune shooting lanes as well as trimming the trees and shrubs around my house. Thanks for the website and for the contest.

  15. Kathy Kolb says:

    An essential tool for turkey hunting and in the garden

  16. Jami Davis says:

    I really want these Felco pruners! The first thing I would prune with them is my roses!

  17. Gene Alwine says:

    I’d love to win the Felco pruners. I have a chestnut tree & another non-fruit/nut tree that could use a trim. I will have the pruners in my turkey hunting vest to clear some set-ups.

  18. Gene Alwine says:

    I will trim a chestnut tree & another with my Felco pruners. This item will be in my turkey vest to clear quick set-ups! Thanks!

  19. I would love to win the pruners! Thanks for the contest! The first pruning I need to tackle this year is my three apple trees while they are still dormant. When we moved to this property a few years ago these trees had not been maintained in a long time. So every year I try to prune a little more back trying my best to get them in the best shape possible.

  20. Michele D Cook says:

    I would love to win the Felco Pruner. I have a small wooded area in the back that I really want to cut back so it dont take over my yard.

  21. matt veen says:

    I would love to win the Felco Pruner. I definitely would clear out my shooting lanes for the archery deer season here in Michigan

  22. I would love to win the Felco Pruners. Converting our yard from frilly to functional for my coming garden is going to require a lot of cutting back. Our back yard a butts a forested park that we thought was cute to let trickle into your yard, until last summer the kudzu barged in…..ack! Prior to this the worst thing I had to cut was a hosta that wanted to grow too close to the shed door. I am gonna need bigger toys this year! Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  23. I want those pruners for my backyard orchard! O, where to begin!?!

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