Dutch Oven Kit Give Away


Camp Chef and I are teaming up to give you one of the most useful cooking vessels ever invented! You know the old question, if you could take only 3 things to a deserted island with you for a year, what would they be? Well, one of my “things” would have to be a Dutch oven!


I am a huge Dutch oven fan. That is no understatement.  I cook in my Dutch oven 3 to 4 times a week.  They are durable, inexpensive, versatility, convenient to use, and most of all creates nutritious and satisfying tasty meals.

Seriously, a Dutch oven has more purposes than just about any cooking vessel that I know. I cook lamb stew, venison stew, brown pheasant, chickens, dove, make fish stock, chicken stock, beef stock. I can roast, braise, fry, and bake in it. There is nothing I can’t prepare using my cast iron Dutch oven. They are practically maintenance free and they get better with age!! I wish I got better with age – what other things can you say that about?


Camp Chef has generously put together an amazing package that everyone MUST own.  This kit includes:

Camp Chef is a quality business that specializes on everything sustainable and outdoors. From cast iron cookware, to smokers, to fire pits or grills; you name it, and Camp Chef has mastered it. They are also giving my readers a 20% discount on all things ordered.  Use the code  GameandGarden20 on CampChef.com  for 20% off your purchase at checkout! (code is good through May 11, Mother’s Day!!)

Tell all your friends about it! They will love and thank you for the chance to win a gift that they can hand down through the generations.

Enter Here:

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  1. Nick Baker says:

    Love those dutch ovens, and they are great to use in a tipi as well.

  2. I am impressed that you use the black iron three or four times a week. I am a big fan of dutch ovens. They are a lot of fun and a great way to cook outside.

  3. Gail Sutton says:

    Love my Cast iron pans, don’t own a Dutch over but on my to buy list,
    I’ve learned there are more uses than I’ve tried, will do more than cornbread and searing.

  4. Patty Kasiewicz says:

    My husband wants one real bad.

  5. I would love to have this.

  6. Mike Lewis says:

    I love to cook, and I like my cast iron skillets. had a Dutch oven. Need another great for cooking any thing.

  7. Thanx for the chance to win a dutch, o how many things can cook in that

  8. I don’t have any cast iron. I need this.

  9. Great giveaway and site very informative

  10. Jimmy blanks says:

    So right for ready to eat meals done with cast iron and coals top, side bottom

  11. My family has a tradition of Dutch oven potatoes every year for Easter! We do the bacon hamburger and potatoes. It’s so good! Then dump a pile of cheese on top. One Dutch oven with onions for the adults. The we make a apple cobbler and peach cobbler in another couple Dutch ovens.. Ice cream and sweet dreams.

  12. Jim Peterson says:

    This is an awesome prize. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  13. We have been dreaming about owning one. We live and born in the big cities when we just want to be in the country. Thank you I would love to win.

  14. Christine says:

    Thanks for the contest, fingers crossed super tight!!!

  15. paffrathmkd says:

    Such an effective way of cooking daily and when camping out!

  16. greg saltzman says:

    enter to win fails to load on my computer !

  17. Kim Muller says:

    Oh my gosh that is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Just make #2 ‘your immediate family’ & you have 3!

  19. There is no such thing as too much cast iron in my life -I use mine almost every day! Its not unusual for you to come into my kitchen and find me using 2 or 3 pieces of cast iron to make dinner.

  20. Ed Gorecki says:

    I bring the frying pans and griddle and my daughter brings her Dutch. I’d love to bring my own then I could use it at home instead of just while we camp. Thanks for the contest. great site

  21. lonnie kirk says:

    What every chef of the needs! I don’t have one but need 1!

  22. Great giveaway Stacy and Camp Chef! Can’t wait to win 😉

  23. Jennifer Tormala says:

    Great give away! I loved my dutch oven. I ended up giving it to my sister to use when hers was stolen… She never gave it back lol. This would come in handy when I start traveling full time!

  24. You know you are a grown up when this is a great prize.

  25. Toni Price says:

    Oh my goodness. I love it!

  26. I do not often enter giveaways but I am very hopeful on this one! We have had a dutch oven on the “wish list” for a little over a year now. Thank you for the chance and I love your blog!

  27. Just found your website through Facebook, love it! Lots of good info!

  28. Dutch ovens are the best to cook in!!

  29. R. Cummings says:

    This is a great contest give away. I would love to ad this to my collection.

  30. Mike Cipriani says:

    I would really like to do some outside cooking in these.

  31. would love to have this. Cast iron cooking is the best

  32. 60 years old and never tried one, will look into purchasing one. I know what.?? We traveled so much when in the Marines and limited to what could go with us, weight was limited. Now my husband does most of the cooking, may gift him.

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