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Stacy Lyn’s Game and Garden is really a lifelong journey. The wild game recipes, gardening tips, and how-to articles reflect our family’s love of hunting, growing, and harvesting our own food. Sustainable living can be fun—and delicious!

My husband filled our freezer with venison and other wild game, and I learned new ways to cook these healthy meats. To start with, venison doesn’t have to be tough and stringy. Check out my 10 Tips to Know When Preparing Venison and 21 Ways to Use Venison. You will be amazed at what you can do with this versatile wild game.

Some of these recipes honor my Southern roots: how about some Persian Venison Stew over Cheesy Garlic Grits? And for the gourmet, there is Grilled Quail with Caramelized Peaches and Figs. There is no need to skimp on flavor and presentation when cooking wild game. Also, why not grow flavor in your own herb garden?

In Game and Garden I also share lots of tips for growing your own food and preparing homegrown vegetables. If you love greens, check out How to Thin and Harvest Greens for Easier Cleaning and Cleaning and Cooking Collard Greens.