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Welcome to Game and Garden, a site dedicated to reviving the enjoyment and benefits of Outdoor Living.

We are committed to preserving our heritage in America as hunters and gatherers as well as ensuring future generation’s ability to do so. Conservation of wildlife and native vegetation is of utmost importance as we attempt to maintain this great nation for the next generation.

In our fast paced society, people have forgotten to enjoy the simple things in life such as gardening for food or pleasure, hiking and exploring in the woods, looking for arrowheads in the fields after it rains, or discovering new vegetation as you forage for edibles in the wild.

Progress has aided us in living much better lives in most ways, but in some, I feel that we lost our way. We, at Game and Garden, want to provide information, inspiration, stories, tips, reviews of products, recipes, and anything else pertinent to outdoor living journey back to the basics of life.

We believe that the appreciation for the Outdoors is imperative to everyone’s experience in living well, but it can be experienced at any time in life. We hope you will enjoy reading and will take part in discussing and sharing with us in your own journey and in the things you’ve learned along the way.

We hope you will stop by our shop for handcrafted hand-hewned heritage pieces for your kitchen, books with recipes and tips that deliver amazing dishes and gardens, and other odds and bits!


Scott Harris

Scott - about

Scott Harris is the reason this blog exists. His love for the outdoors is actually an obsession. His first hunt took place at the age of 6 and his life was forever changed. Everything outdoors became his life. He often states, “I feel closest to God in the midst of the woods.”

Throughout his college career, he made money managing land for huge landowners which led further to a great love of the outdoors and conservation. Learning about hunting and fishing took every minute of his spare time. Along the way, he met the “greats” like George Mann that further encouraged his interest. He often spent days in the woods with Sportsman, Bo Jackson,whom he met at George Mann’s home with other local hunters. Everything in his life revolved around learning more and more about this lifestyle.

Gardening was the next step into Outdoor Living for Scott. As his passions drove him, he learned all he could about growing amazing vegetables in the humid Southern climate. He passed this tradition on to his wife, Stacy, and kids.

Scott also creates the products, along with Forrest Harris, for the Game and Garden Heirloom Collecting.

Scott grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and attended and graduated with a Chemistry major at Auburn University at Montgomery where he met his wife, Stacy Lyn. He then received a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama Birmingham; he then went on to receive a Doctor of Medical Dentistry at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. He then set up a thriving Dental Practice in Montgomery, Alabama where he resides with his 7 children and wife.

Forrest Harris

Forrest - pruning fruit trees

Forrest Harris has had an amazing curiosity of wild plants since the time he could walk. During he first few years of life, he lived in Birmingham, Alabama and enjoyed the walks in the Botanical Gardens and hikes at Oak Mountain State Park. From those early excursions, the outdoor bug took root and never let go.

By the age of 13, his extensive knowledge of wild edibles and native plants had surpassed that of the Field Guides that he had poured over. The natural transition into heirloom gardening was no shock and soon his wisdom, insight, and experience had become quite substantial.

Forrest began writing for Game and Garden at the age of 16 and his articles are some of the most shared articles on this site. He is highly sought after for his research and expertise in grafting fruit trees as well as soil management.

Forrest makes the products, along with Scott, for the Game and Garden Heirloom Collection.

Forrest will graduate in Chemistry from Auburn University at Montgomery in spring (2016) and will begin dental school in July, 2016 at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry.

He is completing extensive research and a book about the American Pear to be released early 2017.

Hampton Harris

Hampton - about photo

Hampton Harris has been immersed in Outdoor Living from before he could walk. Fishing tournaments have been a favorite from the earliest age he could compete. Land and wildlife management is a close second to fishing as well as relocating wildlife predators.

Hampton wrote his first article for Game and Garden at age 13 and continues to write and film for our YouTube Channel and segments for The Sporting Chef TV Show on The Sportsman Channel. He also films for the Stacy Lyn Harris channel.

The day-to-day working equipment from tractors to computers is kept in good order due to his mechanical and technical skills.

Hampton is an Economics major at  Auburn University at Montgomery and will graduate in 2017.

Howlett Harris

Howlett - about

Howlett Harris contributes to the daily operations of Game and Garden and has specialized in Landscape Architecture. He thrives on lawn maintenance and environmental beautification. His detail to manicured garden spaces is impeccable and necessary in the maintenance to a thriving and overflowing garden space. His research in historic gardens has shaped his thinking concerning the modern-day farm.

Howlett assists in the management of over 300 acres of property and is on the cutting edge of managing for optimal wildlife and vegetation through gathering the latest research and documenting quarterly.

Howlett is a freshman in high school and lives with his parents and two older brothers and four sisters in Alabama.

Stacy Lyn Harris

stacy lyn harris

Stacy Lyn Harris is the author of 3 Best Selling Cookbooks,  and Cooking DVD as well as sharing her life and simple approach to sourcing and preparing delicious meals makes life easier for those who want great fresh food everyday on her blog, StacyLynHarris.com. Her new book, Harvest, will be released mid-2016. Further, Stacy Lyn develops the recipes Game and Garden.

She has appears regularly on The Sporting Chef TV Show as well as a guest on other national shows. Her work has appeared in magazines and on-line including SouthernLiving.com, Alabama Magazine, Gamekeepers, and her website and recipes have gained wide recognition from publications. Stacy Lyn continues to speak at events all over the country on varying topics from sustainable living, doing cooking demos, and lifestyle.

Stacy Lyn graduated with a psychology degree from Auburn University at Montgomery and went on the graduate law school and practice law until she left to live a more simple life with her many children. She now  lives in Pike Road, Alabama with her husband in which she refers to as “the Modern Daniel Boone”, Scott Harris, and seven wonderful children.