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10 Quick, Easy Wildgame Meals

It seems everyone’s life is hectic nowadays, and we are in need of a little break. I looked back at some of my top posts for 2015 and found that the easy ones packed full of flavor were among some of the favorites along with my post Ten Tips to Know When Preparing Venison. So, I added the two together to see what would be a killer post and decided 10 Quick, Easy Wildgame Meals was the way to go.

Wildgame is daunting to cook to many of my friends, so I promised them I would help them this year to lose that type of thinking by compiling even more recipes that are straight forward and make the most of each cut of meat. You’ll want to save this post for future reference because all of these recipes are “must try, must keep” recipes.

I asked some of my wildgame food blogger friends for their favorite easy delicious wildgame recipes from their blogs.  Without sacrificing flavor, they have given me recipes are simple and quick.

Click the link to get the recipe. Some of the recipes are on this post, but I have a link that will introduce you to that awesome chef and author!

Lil Smokies are quick and easy!

Lil Smokies from Shayna from Weston Products. Check out their awesome products perfect for everything wild game and beyond!

Venison Chili - Quick and Easy

Venison Chili from Hank Shaw’s Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. Hank has several crazy in-depth books that are a “must have” books. The photography is amazing along with the recipes. I have always admired Hank!! Check the books out here! By the way, pre-order his new book HERE.

Quick, Easy Wildgame Meals

Venison Burger: A Foodie Fantasy. Truly this recipe is a quick, easy wildgame meal.

Dutch Oven Venison and Pumpkin Stew Recipe is a quick, easy wild game meal.

Dutch Oven Venison and Pumpkin Stew Recipe from Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef. This man can cook wildgame! He comes to my home to film for The Sporting Chef TV Show and he is a plethora of cooking information. Seriously, I don’t think there’s a cooking question that he can’t answer. Check out his books! Don’t forget to watch the show on Sunday mornings on The Sportsman Channel.

Venison Pasta e Fegoli is a quick, easy wildgame meal.

Venison Pasta e Fegoli from Jim at Jim Casada Outdoors is simple, quick and easy to prepare. Jim is one of the nicest, most talented men I have ever met. He has written myriads of best-selling wild game cookbooks!  They are packed with quick simple meals your family can enjoy all year! For a free subscription to Jim’s monthly e-newsletter, which includes several recipes each issue along with narrative material on the outdoor life, sign up at his website.

quick, easy wildgame meals

Chili Cocoa Crusted Venison with Berry Reduction

Meatballs are a quick, easy, wildgame meal.


I was so very happy to receive this amazing meatball recipe from Randy King from Chef in the Wild. He has a ton more like it on his website and his new book, Chef in the Wild: Reflections and Recipes from a True Wilderness Chef. Look at this crazy fantastic meal that Randy so kindly gave me to post!!

Five Spiced Elk Meatballs with Sweet Chili Sauce and Green Bean Salad
1 Pound Frozen Hari co Vert (small green beans)
1 pound frozen shelled edamame
1 can black beans, drained
½ red onion, shaved thin
1 cup Ginger Soy Dressing – Store Bought

Bring a 2 quart pot of water to a boil. Make an “ice bath” – basically a large mixing bowl with a 50/50 ratio of ice and water.

When the water is boiling add the edamame and the Hari co Vert’s. Let stand in water for 3 minutes, stir one time. Drain vegetables into colander then add the vegetables to the ice bath. Let them cool, remove any excess ice and then drain in the colander. Refrigerate until ready to make salad.

When ready toss the hari co verts/ edamame mix with the drained black beans, shaved onion and ginger soy dressing. Serve cold.

Elk Meatballs
1 Pound Ground Elk Meat
1 teaspoon Five Spice
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon garlic, fresh, chopped
¼ cup mayonnaise
½ cup bread crumbs
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 tablespoon sliced thin green onions
Salt and Pepper
1 cup Sweet Chili Sauce


Heat oven to 350°. In a medium sized mixing bowl add everything but the sweet chili Sauce. Mix well, by hand, for 2-3 minutes.

Using a small ice-cream scoop make 1 ounce meatballs, you should get about 18 from this recipe. Place each meatball on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes. A little pink in the center is desired.

When done carefully transfer the cooked meatballs to a mixing bowl. Add the sweet chili sauce onto the meatballs. Carefully toss or stir to fully coat the meatballs with the sauce.

Garnish with thin sliced carrot and green onions. Serve hot.

Venison Bulbogi is a quick, easy wildgame meal.

Venison Bulgogi from Paula Young Lee. Bulgogi is a one of the most famous meat dishes of Korea and this recipe rocks…just like Paula Lee. She is an amazing writer and you really do need to check out her amazing books. I would love to have her ability to entertain. I think I laughed throughout all of her books. Her love for the the land and the animals within it read clearly through the pages of her books.

Venison Bulgogi
2 lbs venison flank steak, sirloin, ribeye, or other roast or steak cut
1 T vegetable oil
⅓ C soy sauce
3 T white sugar
1 T sesame oil
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 yellow onion, sliced very thin
2 green onions, finely chopped.
1 t red pepper flakes
Pinch of black pepper
1 t ginger, finely minced
Dipping sauce:
½ c soy sauce
2 T sesame oil
1 t minced green onion tops
1 t minced garlic
1 pinch black pepper
1 t toasted sesame seeds (optional)
Start by thinly shaving the meat. If you don’t have a shaver, slice the meat as thinly as possible, cutting across the grain, then spreading it out and pounding it with a meat mallet to break down the fibers. It’s okay if there are holes in it. Place in a non-reactive bowl, add oil, and toss to coat.
In a large non-reactive mixing bowl, combine all ingredients except the venison and onions. When most of the sugar has dissolved, add venison and onion slices to the bowl and mix well. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Heat up a large sauté pan using high heat cooking oil. As soon as pan is very hot, place a few slices on the pan, laying them as flatly as possible. Turn when edges get crispy (it cooks very quickly.) Repeat until all the venison is cooked. In a small mixing bowl, add all ingredients for sauce: soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, garlic, and black pepper, plus sesame seeds as a garnish.
Serve venison with white rice and kimchi and dipping sauce on the side.
Wildgame chili is quick, easy wildgame meal.
Big Red Chili from Tim Martin, editor of Buckmaster’s Dinner Diaries. You should really check out Tim’s Dinner Diaries. You will love it! I know it isn’t venison, but it’s a MUST to check out this Cordon Bleu recipe he just posted!
Quick, easy wildgame meals

Delicimoso! I looooove Venison Bourguignon! It is our family tradition to have it every Christmas Eve.

Venison Bourguignon is amazing and for the taste to time ratio a quick, easy wildgame meal!

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